AFS Screening & New Low

Been fairly quiet in the For Serious offices over the holidays as we work on refining our edit.  A quick shout out to some folks who’ve provided very helpful feedback along the way — Craig Elrod and Michael Bartnett, whose upcoming film The Man from Orlando looks awesome (check out the trailer), and Kerri Lendo whose upcoming film from Don Swaynos Pictures of Superheroes just released a teaser trailer (it looks awesome too).

Our next big step is a Narratives-in-Progress screening through the Austin Film Society on Thursday, February 9th.  The event is open to all AFS members.  We’ll screen the movie, then provide an opportunity for both written evaluation and a discussion regarding ways to improve the film.  If you’re an AFS member, we really would like you to come and check out the film.  If you’re not an AFS member, you probably should be.

For more information about the screening, click here.

Other exciting news, the movie New Low recently was released on DVD, iTunes, steaming, etc.  We highly recommend checking it out in one or all of these formats.  Very funny and very inspiring for us.  Get it here.

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